EMA introduces EMIL

We’re done with paper cups. The number of cups that our baristas hand out daily would fill more than twenty dumpsters a year. That’s several truckloads since we opened for business. We refuse to be a part of it any longer. 

That’s why we’re introducing our reusable cup, Emil Navrátil. Starting 1 April, all takeaway coffee will be sold in reusable cups - or bring your own.

Hopefully, paper cups will become a thing of the past, just like free plastic bags at the grocery store. Many of us carry our own water bottles. We can do the same with coffee cups.

Yes, it’s a new idea, but we at least want to try. Perhaps other cafés will follow Emil’s example.

What this step means for you

  • We’ll keep on serving coffee to go but only into reusable cups. 
  • The reusable Emil Navrátil cup will be backed by CZK 200 deposit.
  • When you bring back one of our reusable cups, you’ll get your coffee in a new, sanitized one.
  • The deposit covers the cup + band + lid + stopper.

Things that might interest you…

When, why, how much

When will paper cups end?
Beginning April 1, you’ll have the option of a reusable cup, which we are calling “Emil Navrátil.”  We will stop using paper cups entirely on 14 April. Then the real deal starts, and we’ll only serve takeaway coffee in reusable cups.

Why is EMA introducing a reusable cup scheme?
We want to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste generated from disposable tableware. We feel that paper cups are a bit outdated. This is a short episode that ends here. That’s why we’re introducing reusable cups to replace the paper ones. Our new sustainable hero’s name is Emil Navrátil. We don’t know for sure if this effort will work out the first time around, but let’s at least give it a try. With our fantastic customer base, we believe we can do it together!

How will this all contribute to reducing waste?
At our cafés, the impact will be profound, reducing the amount of waste we produce every day by more than half. Sure, on a global scale, the impact won’t be that big, but we have to start somewhere. Don’t you agree?

Why do you charge a CZK 200 deposit?
Our main priority is the scheme’s sustainability. The price calculation is based on the costs associated with introducing the scheme and the need to cover its operating costs in the long term. The deposit reflects the price and quality of the cup.

Do I get a discount if I buy several returnable cups?
No. 1 cup = 1 deposit. 5 cups = 5x deposit.

Do I get a discount if I don’t take a lid?
No. The deposit applies to the complete set = cup + lid + band + stopper. The lid also protects the cup from dirt after you wash and dry it before bringing it back.


Will you continue to serve coffee in porcelain cups?
Absolutely! Coffee tastes best from a porcelain cup—not to mention from your favorite mug or cup. From now on, you can enjoy your coffee in a porcelain cup, your own mug, a thermo cup, or a reusable one. Or even in your own paper cup. But you probably don’t want that...

Can I bring my own mug or cup? 
Of course! Be our guest. We’ll even rinse or wash it for you.

Will the preparation take longer than it used to? 
A little bit. We make a lot of takeaway coffees, so it might take a while to get the new system up and running. We’ll appreciate your patience until the scheme gets running perfectly smoothly.

Can you prepare my coffee in a paper cup? 
Certainly. But you’ll have to bring your own.

Can Emil be put in a microwave? 
Use the microwave only for heating, at a maximum power of 800 W. Remove the lid beforehand, but leave the sleeve band on the cup so you don’t burn yourself when you pick it up.

How about Emil and other drinks? 
Quality coffee is what Emil likes best. He’s not into other drinks, especially fragrant ones like flavored liquors or scented teas. If you really want to enjoy coffee with Emil, don’t try other drinks on him.

Returning—how it works

My reusable cup has wandered off somewhere. Can I get my deposit back?
Sorry. The only way to get a refund is if Emil comes back complete, i.e., cup + band + lid + stopper. 

How long can I keep the cup?
That’s all up to you. Emil Navrátil can stay with you as long as you like. Ideally, you should hold on to him forever.

My Emil had an accident—our dog bit him. Will you take it back? (The cup, I mean).
Sorry. We’ll take neither the damaged cup nor the naughty doggie off your hands. Take good care of Emil so you can get your deposit back.

What about hygiene?

How do you make sure the cups are sanitized?
The cup goes through our dishwasher before each use, just like all other dishes.

How should I wash the cup at home?

Wash the cup by hand or in the dishwasher (we recommend the top shelf). The silicone parts can also go in the dishwasher. Avoid using excessively scented detergent so the silicone doesn’t end up smelling like soap.

Facts about reusable cups

What are returnable cups made of?
The cup itself is made of a purely plant-based vegetable material, polylactic acid. This biopolymer is derived from sugar beet, sugar cane, or corn. The other components—the band, the lid, and the stopper—are made of food-grade silicone, which is produced using silica sand and oxygen. None of the cup components contain natural latex. Emil can withstand temperatures up to +120° Celsius. 

Where are the cups made?
The Nova Cup comes from the established Ecoffee Cup brand. The company came up with the idea to create a beautiful, durable, and eco-friendly cup in 2012. The first Ecoffee Cup was designed in 2014. The Nova Cup is manufactured in the EU.